Are you getting the results you want from your Facebook ads? 🤔

Are you ready to move beyond Likes, Comments, and Shares and get real RESULTS? Hint: “boosted posts” will only get you so far. There’s a whole other level to this game! 📈

The problem is, it's very easy to spend money on Facebook ads but VERY HARD to do it right. To get started on “real” Facebook ads, most people need a little help. We certainly did!

Here’s the thing: while building brand awareness is good, getting people to take ACTION is so much better! What kind of actions? How about signing up for your email list. Or placing orders for your products through your website? Wouldn’t that be amazing? 🤩

There IS a level of Facebook advertising that goes way beyond “boosted posts.” But the learning curve can be steep and intimidating unless you have someone who can show you the ropes.

You NOW have a way to learn the basics of “real” Facebook advertising at your own pace without ever having to talk to a live person.

We’ve created an online course that walks you through, step by step, everything you need to “graduate” beyond boosted posts. The course has a series of 4 short videos as well as slides you can download to walk you through it all. Plus, there’s a number to call if you need help. 🙌

Here’s what this course will teach you:

1. How to properly set up your Facebook Page for your business

2. How to properly set up your Business Manager

3. The right way to create an Ad Account

4. How to put the Facebook Pixel on every page of your website and USE it!

Once these basics are in place, you can begin to leverage the power of Facebook’s most amazing tools (for advertisers) to help you SELL MORE! 📊

Hi, I’m Ben Salisbury!

I'm the Founder and President of Salisbury Creative Group, Inc. which specializes in helping wineries and craft distilleries achieve high levels of sales effectiveness. Leveraging his knowledge and experience from three decades in the industry, Ben and his team deliver sales, marketing, and distribution expertise to a wide array of adult beverage clients. Prior to starting his own company in May of 2014, Ben spent 17 years as VP of On Premise National Accounts for both Ste Michelle Wine Estates and Constellation Brands.

This Course is designed to help you learn all the essentials to begin your journey into Facebook Advertising and generate your OWN leads! We've put together a fully detailed walk-through of all steps to establish your business on Facebook and start your Ad account. The last lesson shows you how to retarget your website visitors and reach them with Facebook Ads!

We always offer high-quality customer service and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions with the course! Happy Advertising :)

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